Sexual Trauma Recovery

Healing from Trauma Can Have a Significant Impact on Bettering Your Current Relationship

When an individual has experienced overwhelming events such as sexual abuse, typically they experience post-traumatic symptoms of hyperarousal, numbing, and intrusive thoughts or flashbacks in response to triggers.

If the trauma occurred in the context of neglect, physical abuse, parental rejection, parental abandonment or death, or childhood was chaotic or unsafe, the effects can be compounded. Additionally, if there are more than one source of trauma, the problem(s) becomes exacerbated.

At Marriage Therapy Institute (MTI), we specialize in Trauma Resolution Therapies. There are several methods we use, based on Exposure Therapy, which is usually time-limited, once any and all addictions or out-of-control symptoms are stabilized.

Exposure-based therapies include EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Reprocessing Therapy, Affect Accelerating Therapy and many others that have been proven effective in working with varying degrees of moderate to significant trauma.

We most often utilize one or a combination of these techniques to facilitate the process and the ensuing healing.

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