“Dr. Schwartz is an inspired pioneer in his field — intellectually brilliant, emotionally authentic, and ethically impeccable. I’ve never met a more dedicated advocate for the health and healing of one’s clients. With wide-ranging expertise that includes relationships, addictions, trauma, and eating disorders, patients can count on world-class therapy. If I were asked for a referral, there isn’t anybody I would trust more.”

— Joher Coleman, Los Angeles, CA

“I met Lori in 1997 when I was about to give up on therapy because I couldn’t find someone to work with who really understood me. When I met Lori I knew right away that I could trust her. When I would talk to her about my past life experiences, she seemed to understand what was going on with me internally better than I did. She is, in my opinion, the best therapist anyone could hope to work with. Since working with Lori, I have been able to recover from quite a few different self-destructive addictions in my life and I will forever be grateful to her for that.”

— Former Client, Los Angeles, CA

“It was evident from the first time I met with Lori, that her compassion and experience were unmatched. She listened to me without judgment and with an ear toward recovery. Lori has been an integral part of my journey of self-discovery and true happiness.”

— Former Client, New York, NY

“Lori Galperin gave me my life. She is intuitive, extraordinarily bright, kind and steadfast. She knows how to work to release underlying trauma that cripples her clients’ lives. I had been the patient of some of America’s preeminent psychiatrists and psychologists, but became increasingly more frustrated and miserable. It wasn’t until I worked with Lori that I was able to go deep into my heart and formation to discover the reasons for my pain and suffering and to get beyond self-hatred. Lori can be trusted and she will stand by you no matter how challenging or excruciating the inner work has to be. Anybody lucky enough to be in treatment with Lori is blessed.”

— Former Client, Boston, MA

“I have known and worked with Dr. Mark Schwartz for over 25 years. Beginning his work in sex therapy, he has expanded his knowledge and training throughout the years to include disorders of attachment, sexual addictions, and eating disorders; he brings a wealth of experience to his work. He has always been a brilliant thinker and he is an excellent therapist. In his warmth, compassion, insight and optimism, he encourages individuals to work toward the best expression of themselves. As a phenomenal educator, his lectures are captivating, learned, and eclectic. Mark is a man of many talents and will bring excellent skills to his new endeavor at Marriage Therapy Institute.”

— Colleague, Los Angeles, CA

“I believe the step to find a counselor is challenging for many people. Some continue to hope that the painful circumstance they’re in will just pass and tomorrow will be better — until it isn’t. Some are reluctant to trust their deep emotions and details about their troubled relationships with a “stranger.” Some are just scared.

I sought Mark for help with a troubled marriage and a lost sense of self. I had worked on both, alone, for year, yet and found myself just repeating unproductive patterns and feeling empty.

Mark’s approach was direct, yet nurturing. His questions were spot-on and provided insightful guidance for me to learn more about myself. His environment became a refuge to engage in quiet, thoughtful exploration, a safe place where he made me do the hard developmental work while encouraging me to accept my true self. If he were still in my city, I would seek him out again, both for his professional expertise and just his good company.”

— Kathy O’Leary

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