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Key Points for Therapist and Professionals in the Mental Health Industries; What You Should Know about Marriage Therapy Institute:

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  • Lori Galperin MSW and Mark Schwartz, Sc.D. are a longstanding co-therapy team that runs group each day for two hours.
  • They work with trauma stabilization and resolution and work with expertise with married couples and those in longer-term relationships.
  • They are addictions recovery specialists who frequently work work with clients who have been discharged from residential or in-patient treatment and need deeper psychotherapy as well as have the need for structured coaching support, skills development, and social interactions.
  • Coaching work is a big part of the treatment process and working with each individual’s blocks to experiencing emotions, communicating constructively, and expressing and receiving intimacy.
  • They are highly skilled in working with comorbidity and multiple addictions, including OCD, Co-Dependency, and Sexual Dysfunction
  • They work with entire family systems of couples and individuals as needed for resolution and recovery.
  • Marriage Therapy Institute (MFI) accepts network benefits for most public and private insurance plans.
  • Marriage Therapy Institute (MFI) provides free consultations to both clients and/or their therapists or case workers.

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