Mark Schwartz, Sc.D, MFT

Dr. Mark SchwartzDr. Schwartz graduated from John’s Hopkins University with a doctorate degree in psychology and mental health.  He worked in the Department of Psychology at John’s Hopkins and co-taught at the university.  He later joined the staff of Master’s & Johnson Institute where he served as the Director of Workshops, Director of Research, and Executive Director.

Dr. Schwartz cofounded, along with Lori Galperin MSW, three inpatient programs in Trauma and Compulsivity with Dr. Masters in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.  In addition to his work with trauma and compulsivity, he and Galperin founded Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in St. Louis, and Monarch Cove Treatment Center located in Pacific Grove, CA.

Dr. Schwartz has published research articles, textbook chapters, and has edited three books.  He lectures widely throughout the United States and Europe to thousands of psychotherapists.  Dr.  Schwartz is a therapist in Monterey, California. He was previously Executive Director of Master and Johnson Institute and Co-Director of Masters and Johnson Trauma and Compulsivity Programs in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Kansas City. He is the Cofounder of Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders and has edited three texts and numerous journal articles.


A Summary of Dr. Schwartz’ Professional Focus and Experience

Addiction and Recovery

  • Intensive therapy focused on maintaining sobriety
  • Help with AA Step approaches
  • Focus on understanding factors that contribute to and maintain addiction
  • Focus on the individual, the couple, and the family

Sexually Compulsive Behavior

  • Former Director of Inpatient Sexual Compulsivity Program
  • Worked Directly with Dr. Patrick Carnes and lectured together throughout the US
  • Experience with multiple forms of dysfunctional sexual behavior, including Internet, offender, paraphilia and impersonal sex

Relational and Sexual Therapies

  • Formerly on the staff of the Masters & Johnson Institute and served as Executive Director
  • Lectured to thousands of professionals throughout the U.S. and Europe
  • Short-term directive, intensive, time-limited therapeutic formats
  • Works as co-therapy team to address both the couple and each individual in the relationship
  • Integrates behavioral homework assignments with deeper intensive work related to childhood and adolescent difficulties that impinge on current intimacy or attachment
  • Specializing in Intimacy Disorders

Eating Disorders

  • Formerly Director of Castlewood Treatment Center and Monarch Cove residential programs
  • Worked with hundreds of cases of anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder
  • Integrates behavioral therapies with deeper understanding of the function of the symptoms originally and currently

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